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When to Choose Paddle Gun Holsters
When to Choose Paddle Gun Holsters

There are several different types of holster that can be used by security forces and soldiers to carry their guns. Another rowing holster. With one flat side curved, it gives the wearer more flexibility when painting. The contoured fit allows for comfort without having to worry about falling off the weapon.

Drawing Position

The rowing style drawing is different than most portable rifles. It is able to adapt to 360 degrees, which makes it compatible with cross drawing or drawing from a small background. Some styles adjust the cant easily with a screwdriver, suitable for those who like to plan ahead, but flexible enough to change at the last minute of luggage or luggage.


The flexibility of the paddle holster is suitable for 6.5 creedmoor ammo in a variety of situations. Some models are specifically designed to be worn in the construction of a curved or flat train. This makes it invisible when worn under heavy clothing or other concealed items. If weight, comfort and space, use an integrated version of these guns. They are also suitable for use with older models of integrated weapons, so they make an ideal place to put guns on.

Storage level

At the lowest levels, paddle holsters are not intended for on-the-job police, but are effective in distance training and underground operations, investigations and military operations. The time it takes to break the zero is maintained and allows for quick drag. Final levels of those close to the attackers may need additional security features to prevent someone else from removing the weapon without permission. However, if you are in the distance, a rowing holster is a better choice. Many final levels can be difficult if the goal is to improve target accuracy, rather than focusing on drawing.


Rowing style helmets come in a variety of shapes, from solid black polymer to classic leather. They should be strong enough to carry bumps, drops and scrapes without damaging the structure and function. The train style requires durability to prevent aging from long-term use. Polymer materials are more resistant to rain than leather styles. It does not stain water when used outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

When law enforcement and military personnel select firearms for a specific task, paddles are useful for operation, targeted training and secret missions with little chance of encountering attackers nearby.

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